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Teilenummer ICL501-3
Beschreibung VRD/POL Inductor
Hersteller ice Components
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ICL501-3 Datasheet, Funktion
VRD/POL Inductor
• Designed for use with IKOR’s
proprietary coupled inductor
multi-phase DC-DC converter topology
• Low height and small size allows use
in both imbedded (VRD) and module
(VRM) applications
• Robust SMD package is compatible
with SMT assembly process handling
• Provides increase in VR efficiency
compared to ICL501-1
• VRDs (Imbedded)
• VRMs (Module)
• POLs
• VRM 10.x / VRM11
based designs.
• DDR2/3 memory
The ICL 501-3 using IKOR’s coupled inductor technology solves the most pressing problem facing IA-32 VRDs
and VRMs. This patented technology solves the trade-off between efficiencyand elimination of bulk capacitors
by dramatically lowering the VRM output inductance while using industry-standard components and relatively
low switching frequencies. This technology provides superior transient response performance to higher
frequency solutions due to the unique method of coupling between phases, and enables high-current designs
with little or no electrolytic output bypass capacitance. The ICL501-3 coupled inductor can be used in both
VRD and module VRM applications. Its small size and low height make it possible to design high-density VRMs
and to fit the inductors very close to the CPU socket in VRD applications. This device can also be used in high-
current System VRM (SVRM) applications where small size, high efficiency, and low total BOM cost is critical.
Electrical Specifications
Turns Radio (1 - 2) : (4 - 3)
Ls (1-2)
Ls (4-3)
LL (1-2)
DCR (each winding)
Test Conditions
100mV @ 500 kHz rms
100mV @ 500 kHz rms
short 4+3, 1.0 Vrms @ 1 MHz
1. Electrical specifications at 25˚C unless noted otherwise.
2. DC current, PCB layout, trace thickness and width, airflow, and
proximity to other devices will affect inductor temerature rise.
3. Operating temperature range: 0°C to 100°C.
4. Meets UL 94V-0.
Min Typ
350 500
350 500
Max Unit
1:1 -
650 nH
650 nH
60 nH
0.3 mΩ
Specifications subject to change without notice.
800.729.2099 tel
(03/08) ICL501-3-1

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