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Teilenummer LP2995MX
Beschreibung DDR Termination Regulator
Hersteller National Semiconductor
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LP2995MX Datasheet, Funktion
July 2003
DDR Termination Regulator
General Description
The LP2995 linear regulator is designed to meet the JEDEC
SSTL-2 and SSTL-3 specifications for termination of DDR-
SDRAM. The device contains a high-speed operational am-
plifier to provide excellent response to load transients. The
output stage prevents shoot through while delivering 1.5A
continuous current and transient peaks up to 3A in the
application as required for DDR-SDRAM termination. The
LP2995 also incorporates a VSENSE pin to provide superior
load regulation and a VREF output as a reference for the
chipset and DDR DIMMS.
Patents Pending
n Low output voltage offset
n Works with +5v, +3.3v and 2.5v rails
n Source and sink current
n Low external component count
n No external resistors required
n Linear topology
n Available in SO-8, PSOP-8 or LLP-16 packages
n Low cost and easy to use
n DDR Termination Voltage
n SSTL-2
n SSTL-3
Typical Application Circuit
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LP2995MX Datasheet, Funktion
Block Diagram
The LP2995 is a linear bus termination regulator designed to
meet the JEDEC requirements of SSTL-2 and SSTL-3. The
LP2995 is capable of sinking and sourcing current at the
output VTT, regulating the voltage to equal VDDQ / 2. A
buffered reference voltage that also tracks VDDQ / 2 is
generated on the VREF pin for providing a global reference to
the DDR-SDRAM and Northbridge Chipset. VTT is designed
to track the VREF voltage with a tight tolerance over the
entire current range while preventing shoot through on the
output stage.
Series Stub Termination Logic (SSTL) was created to im-
prove signal integrity of the data transmission across the
memory bus. This termination scheme is essential to prevent
data error from signal reflections while transmitting at high
frequencies encountered with DDR RAM. The most common
form of termination is Class II single parallel termination. This
involves using one Rs series resistor from the chipset to the
memory and one Rt termination resistor. This implementa-
tion can be seen below in Figure 1.
Typical values for RS and RT are 25 Ohms although these
can be changed to scale the current requirements from the
LP2995. For determination of the current requirements of
DDR-SDRAM termination please refer to the accompanying
application notes.

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LP2995MX pdf, datenblatt
Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted (Continued)
16-Lead LLP Package (LD)
NS Package Number LQA16A
8-Lead PSOP Package (PSOP-8)
NS Package Number MRA08A

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