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Teilenummer LC82210
Beschreibung Motion JPEG Codec
Hersteller Sanyo Semicon Device
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LC82210 Datasheet, Funktion
Ordering number : EN*5414A
LC82210, 82210L
Motion JPEG Codec
The LC82210 is a JPEG encoder/decoder that handles
motion JPEG. When encoding, the LC82210 accepts an
A/D converter generated digital video input signal and
encodes that signal in real time. When decoding, the
LC82210 decodes a compressed decoded signal and
produces a digital video signal that can be directly input to
a D/A converter.
• Encoding/decoding based on the JPEG standard
• The image size can be set arbitrarily.
• I/O image format Y : U : V = 4 : 2 : 2
• JPEG format Y : U : V = 4 : 2 : 2 or Y : U : V = 4 : 1 : 1
• Process 640 × 480 images 30 frames per second
• Memory control function for the image memory used
for display, capture, and other image functions
• Supports the use of either 1M, 2M, 4M, 4M × 2 or 16M
bit of DRAM for image memory.
• Supports fixed compression ratio encoding.
• Image memory can be accessed by external systems.
• Image memory compression function
• Supports a function for compressing/expanding part of
an image.
• Supports both x86 and 68xx family CPUs. Also
supports DMA transfers of compressed data.
• Low power mode
• Power-supply voltage: 3.3 V (internal) 5 V (pin) : LC82210
3.3 V (single)
: LC82210L
Package Dimensions
unit: mm
[LC82210, 82210L]
s No products described or contained herein are intended for use in surgical implants, life-support systems, aerospace
equipment, nuclear power control systems, vehicles, disaster/crime-prevention equipment and the like, the failure of
which may directly or indirectly cause injury, death or property loss.
s Anyone purchasing any products described or contained herein for an above-mentioned use shall:
ΠAccept full responsibility and indemnify and defend SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., its affiliates, subsidiaries and
distributors and all their officers and employees, jointly and severally, against any and all claims and litigation and all
damages, cost and expenses associated with such use:
 Not impose any responsibility for any fault or negligence which may be cited in any such claim or litigation on
SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., its affiliates, subsidiaries and distributors or any of their officers and employees
jointly or severally.
s Information (including circuit diagrams and circuit parameters) herein is for example only; it is not guaranteed for
volume production. SANYO believes information herein is accurate and reliable, but no guarantees are made or implied
regarding its use or any infringements of intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.
This catalog provides information as of January 1998. Specifications and information herein are subject to
change without notice.
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