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Teilenummer 8001401ZX
Beschreibung Fast Buffer Amplifier
Hersteller Elantec Semiconductor
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8001401ZX Datasheet, Funktion
ELH0033G 883 8001401ZX
Fast Buffer Amplifier
 Slew rate 1500 V ms
 Output drive 100 mA
 Rise and fall times 2 9 ns
 Input resistance 1011X
 Power bandwidth 100 MHz
 MIL-STD-883 devices 100%
manufactured in U S A
 Excellent phase linearity
 Driver cables and other
capacitive loads
 Wide supply range single or split
Ordering Information
Part No
Temp Range Package Outline
ELH0033G 883B b55 C to a125 C TO-8 MDP0002
8001401ZX is the SMD version of this device
Connection Diagram
12-Pin TO-8
General Description
The ELH0033 is a high-speed FET input voltage follower buff-
er designed to provide high output currents from DC to over
100 MHz The ELH0033 slews at 1500 V ms and will drive 100X
loads Phase linearity is excellent to 20 MHz allowing the buff-
er to be included in op amp loops
The ELH0033 is intended to fulfill a wide range of buffer appli-
cations such as high-speed line drivers video impedance trans-
formation nuclear instrumentation amplifiers op amp isolation
buffers for driving reactive loads and high impedance input
buffers for high-speed A to D’s and comparators
These devices are constructed using specially selected junction
FETs and active laser trimming to achieve guaranteed perform-
ance specifications The ELH0033 is specified for operation
from b55 C to a125 C
Elantec facilities comply with MIL-I-45208A and other applica-
ble quality specifications Elantec’s Military devices are 100%
fabricated and assembled in our rigidly controlled ultra-clean
facilities in Milpitas California For additional information on
Elantec’s Quality and Reliability Assurance policy and proce-
dures request brochure QRA-1
Equivalent Schematic
Top View
Note Case is electrically isolated
0033 – 1
0033 – 2
Note All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication however this data sheet cannot be a ‘‘controlled document’’ Current revisions if any to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation Patent pending
1989 Elantec Inc

8001401ZX Datasheet, Funktion
ELH0033G 883 8001401ZX
Fast Buffer Amplifier
Applications Information
Recommended Layout Precautions
RF video printed circuit board layout rules
should be followed when using the ELH0033
since it will provide power gain to frequencies
over 100 MHz Ground planes are recommended
and power supplies should be decoupled at each
device with low inductance capacitors In addi-
tion ground plane shielding may be extended to
the metal case of the device since it is electrically
isolated from internal circuitry Alternatively
the case should be connected to the output to
minimize input capacitance
Offset Voltage Adjustment
The ELH0033’s offset voltages have been active-
ly trimmed by laser to meet guaranteed specifica-
tions when the offset preset pin is shorted to the
offset adjust pin The pre-calibration allows the
devices to be used in most DC or AC applications
without individually offset nulling each device If
offset null is desirable it is simply obtained by
leaving the offset preset pin open and connecting
a trim pot of 100X between the offset adjust pin
and Vb
Operation from Single or Asymmetrical
Power Supplies
This device type may be readily used in applica-
tions where symmetrical supplies are unavailable
or not desirable A typical application might be
an interface to a MOS shift register where Va e
a5V and Vb e b12V In this case an apparent
output offset occurs due to the device’s voltage
gain of less than unity This additional output
offset error may be predicted by
(V a bVb)
e0 005 (VabVb)
where AV e No load voltage gain typically 0 99
Va e Positive supply voltage
Vb e Negative supply voltage
For the above example DVO would be b35 mV
This may be adjusted to zero as described in Sec-
tion 2 For AC coupled applications no addition-
al offset occurs if the DC input is properly biased
as illustrated in the ‘‘typical applications’’ sec-
Short Circuit Protection
In order to optimize transient response and out-
put swing output current limit has been omitted
from the ELH0033 Short circuit protection may
be added by inserting appropriate value resistors
between Va and VCa pins and Vb and VCb
pins Resistor values may be predicted by
Va Vb
where ISC s 100 mA for ELH0033
The inclusion of limiting resistors in the collec-
tors of the output transistors reduces output volt-
age swing Decoupling VCa and VCb pins with
capacitors to ground will retain full output swing
for transient pulses An alternate active current
limit technique that retains full DC output swing
uses current sources which are saturated during
normal operation thus applying full supply volt-
age to the VC pins Under fault conditions the
voltage decreases as required by the overload
Capacitive Loading
The ELH0033 is designed to drive capacitive
loads such as coaxial cables in excess of several
thousand picofarads without susceptibility to os-
cillation However peak current resulting from
(C c dv dt) should be limited below absolute
maximum peak current ratings for the devices
In addition power dissipation resulting from
driving capacitive loads plus standby power
should be kept below the total package power
PD pkg t PDC a PAC
PD pkg t (Va b Vb) c IS a PAC
PAC j (VP-P)2 c f c CL

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8001401ZX pdf, datenblatt
ELH0033G 883 8001401ZX
Fast Buffer Amplifier
General Disclaimer
Specifications contained in this data sheet are in effect as of the publication date shown Elantec Inc reserves the right to make changes
in the circuitry or specifications contained herein at any time without notice Elantec Inc assumes no responsibility for the use of any
circuits described herein and makes no representations that they are free from patent infringement
Elantec Inc
1996 Tarob Court
Milpitas CA 95035
Telephone (408) 945-1323
(800) 333-6314
Fax (408) 945-9305
European Office 44-71-482-4596
WARNING Life Support Policy
Elantec Inc products are not authorized for and should not be
used within Life Support Systems without the specific written
consent of Elantec Inc Life Support systems are equipment in-
tended to support or sustain life and whose failure to perform
when properly used in accordance with instructions provided can
be reasonably expected to result in significant personal injury or
death Users contemplating application of Elantec Inc products
in Life Support Systems are requested to contact Elantec Inc
factory headquarters to establish suitable terms conditions for
these applications Elantec Inc ’s warranty is limited to replace-
ment of defective components and does not cover injury to per-
sons or property or other consequential damages
12 Printed in U S A

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